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DiscoverFeed is harnessing the power and transparency of blockchain technology to enhance the artist-fan experience in a collaborative and peer-to-peer culture. All NFT owners can directly take part in the entire production process of making music and sharing it to the world.

Disrupting Music with Blockchain

Music has always had a close relationship with our lives, and its devices have changed and developed from vinyl records, cassette tapes, CDs, and data distribution. Music has always been a large experimental space for the realization of the latest technology.

Now, we have a new technology called blockchain, which produced Non Fungible Token (NFT). NFT clarifies the ownership of content on the Internet and solve the problem of content piracy for creators. However, the most important role of NFT is that it allows you to decide the value of your content. Until now, in the music industry, selling a lot of music to an unspecified number of people has been regarded as good content. With the advent of NFT, a new industry that "value’’ is created when it is appreciated by even only one person in the world on top of the mass production and mass consumption structure of the past. This will allow artists to create contents with their
own free inspirations and present them to the whole world.

Through IPFS, we are able to store music NFTs in a decentralized and secured way, while making sure the files are kept and can easily be retrieved through a robust Filecoin Data Storage and Retrieval economy layered on top of the IPFS network. The DiscoverFeed platform is built on top of the IPFS and Filecoin protocols, led by experts in the Web 3.0 space—Nonentropy Japan.

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30 NFTs in 30 Days

DiscoverFeed is a leading NFT store in partnership with Israel's We Rave You, a media specializing in the club music scene, and NonEntropy Japan, a company specializing in blockchain and IPFS technology, which ensure the permanent preservation of purchased NFT content.

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To participate in auctions and own music NFTs, simply create an account, place a bid and wait for the results.


Create an account

To protect the privacy and quality of the DiscoverFeed platform, you will need to create an account and have your BTC or ETH address validated.


Join bidding of NFTs

There are many open biddings to participate in. Once you've found what you're looking for, place a bid and wait for the announcement.


Process your payment

If you win the bidding, make sure to send your payment using BTC or ETH to the assigned deposit address sent to your email address.


Share your NFT

Share and own a piece of music history that is verifiable on the blockchain. Join NFT communities to find more exciting auctions that are happening daily.